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Multilingual Translations

Lost in translation? At Quid Ltd., we can help you overcome the language barrier thanks to our team of multilingual translation professionals. Each of our foreign language translation specialists is a native speaker. They have lived in the countries where the target language is spoken and therefore understand local language subtleties.

Subject matter experts

Over the years, our experienced translators have become true subject matter experts in many areas and industries. They will provide complete language solutions to best communicate your core message with the intended audience.

Translation services are available for these languages and more:

Afrikaans English Italian Serbian
Albanian Estonian Japanese Slovak
Armenian Farsi (Persian) Korean Slovene
Arabic Finnish Latin Spanish
Bengali French Latvian Swahili
Bosnian Georgian Lithuanian Swedish
Bulgarian German Macedonian Tamil
Catalan Greek Malay Thai
Chinese Hebrew Norwegian Turkish
Croatian Hindi Polish Ukrainian
Czech Hungarian Portuguese Uzbek
Danish Icelandic Romanian Vietnamese
Dutch Indonesian Russian  


If you don’t see the language required for your multilingual translations project, please call or email us.

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